Our types of masts

LED on top of mast

Safety and locking latches

Self-propelled winch
Protected steel cables

3 to 6 high pitches

7 to 22 meters high

We have developed a complete line of posts for various applications.

All are tilting and telescopic.

They have signaling light at the top (pulsed Led).

They have self-locking winches and the mechanisms are protected for safe operation.


For MESH models we have from 7 to 22 meters in height, ranging from 3 to 6 bids.


For the PTP model, we use the station (mounted on the trailer / skid structure itself) and we have the remote adjustment mechanism of the antenna TILT.


This greatly facilitates the setup and operation of the antenna.

PTP posts have great mechanical stability and can be mounted up to 14m in height.